“Blah-blah-blah…” Is JZ taking strain?

presidentjacobzumaI was not personally present in the ‘House’. Thank goodness. But in the comfort of my own home with mercifully only a screen-sized image of the so-called ‘state of the nation address’, I was allowed ample opportunity to partake with much dismay in the scandalous proceedings  of Parliament yesterday, 9 February 2017.

Once the red and white chaos and turbulence of raucous EFF conduct and somewhat vehement security intervention had subsided on the screen and the other opposition parties had seemingly haphazardly voiced their points of order, concerns and objections or left the House in protest, the beleaguered president could commence his address more than an hour late. This was also after the speakers of the two houses had exerted themselves (pretty much in vain!) in an effort to exercise their powers and execute their duties for the sake of maintaining(?) / restoring (?) order in the House… Two stern women. But to no avail.


And what was JZ’s first reaction when he ‘finally’ (his word) took the podium? He laughed. I would have cried. At least inwardly, which I seriously doubt he is even capable of doing. What a shame. What a shambles. I used the same word to describe the previous SONA, and I wish it were different this time.

The worst of the laughing bit is that he did it at least twice during the course of last night’s address. That hollow, nerve-grating sound that says ‘see the tear in my eye!’.

Did I want to hear what he had to say? Honestly, no. It was so much of the same old, same old. Interspersed with scarlet threads of threat upon (racial) threat. Yes! How is it in order for this individual to hammer on the black/white issue without anyone blinking an eye?! Twenty three years down the line! How much time do you need, sir? “Today we are starting a new chapter of radical social-economic transformation…” Oh my word: rewind, rewind, rewind?

I did not count how many times our president made references to race and to the measures in which – in his explicit opinion – inequality still prevailed in, among others, the business sector and the work-place… and how drastic measures were (according to him) to be put in place to rectify the situation. Oh boy. Just imagine if anyone else, from any other political or social grouping, had the audacity and took the liberty to speak so freely on sensitive issues in racially charged terms!


The kitchen with unwashed dinner dishes has a strangely powerful attraction to me midway through his address. And from there, whilst performing mundane household duties, I hear this halting and monotonous drone that could/should surely not be an address  by a country’s number one citizen to his people?

The course of events inside  that Parliament building – whilst the angry tumult of the exiles continues on the streets surrounding it – sounds and appears to be like the lifeless rehearsal of a stage production doomed to failure: undramatic sentences… followed by uninspired applause. More of that. And yet more. Announcement. Applause. Repeat.

You look extremely tired, Mr President. And spent. You even appear lonely. Alone. Deserted? Abandoned?

Yet – you stay. How come? But seriously: don’t you get it? What will it take?


5 thoughts on ““Blah-blah-blah…” Is JZ taking strain?

  1. Ja ,soos jy afsluit  __ “What will it take?”Ek raak bekommerd oor my kleinkinders  se toekoms in ons land!

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  2. Kan iemand dié rampspoedige sirkus beter verwoord?? Ek twyfel. Hoe voel diegene wat hoopvol oor ‘n positiewe uitkoms van die SONA was? ….VERSLAE en hooploos….

  3. Politieke leiers is meesal die grootste rem op die vooruitgang van ‘n land met ‘n kern van kreatiewe en briljante individue. Suid Afrika se tragiese politieke leierskap is uniek in een of twee opsigte, maar die patroon is waarneembaar. Politieke leierskap is grootliks die instrument van die onsigbare “forces” wat die wereld en al die oorloe en gebeure orkestreer. Die ware dinamika is ongetwyfeld in die gebede en leierskap van die opregte geestelike leiers. Suid Afrika het ‘n oorweldigende rykdom aan geestelike leiers – aangewys vir die huidige tye – en hul bedieninge en gebede is die ware bepalers van gebeure. Die politici neem besluite en veroorsaak geweldige ongerief en skade; hulle sit vas in hul posisies asof niks hul kan lig nie. Soveel wat wonderlik goed is gebeur ten spyte van die patetiese vertoon. Ons sien die toonbeeld van korrupsie en onkunde en offisiele misdaad in die kru gedrag van JZ en die chaos van frustrasie. Daar is verseker ander realitieite en strominge wat al baie lank behoudend is in Suid Afrika. Skaamteloos se die mense agter die New World Order: “Destroy Judeo-Christian values, because they hold everything together.” Is dit vreemd dat die aanslag so fel is? Die politici is onder geweldige druk om dit wat onomstootlik is te probeer wegdink en wegwens en wegdoen deur wetgewing. Die woorde wat vir ons ‘n kwessie van geloof was tot nou toe word ‘n kwessie van geloof en uitlweing – die woorde “flesh out” en ons herleef vorige geslagte se inname van posisie as die ligdraers in groot en donker chaos. Die ander weet dis donker in en om hul. Hulle weet waar die lig is. Hul weet die lig is hul grootste vyand. Die draers van die Lig kan met onderlinge versterking die geweldige krag wat aan hul toevertrou is bly uitstraal en uitspreek. Dit is geweldig kragtig. Nie vlees en bloed nie – maar onsigbare magte wat die knie moet buig; miskien nie in waarneembare arena nie, maar verseker in die onsienbare. Waar ons meer en meer moet leer om te funksioneer en ons te verlustig…

    • Met politieke leierskap bedoel ek die aangewese maar onbekwame pogings tot leierskap. Daar is skitterende leierskap in politieke posisies wat die korrupte posisies opponeer en wat hul eie weldeurdagte en positiewe politieke strategiee nastreef en toepas.

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