What’s with the ‘rock’ thing and Women’s Day?

imagesNo doubt it was an unprecedented occurrence, not to mention being a lump-in-the-throat sight to behold – that march on the Union Buildings in Pretoria by more than 50 000 women almost exactly 57 years ago to the day.
“Strike a woman, you strike a rock”. This is the phrase that recurs and still comes to mind. A song with words to that effect was reportedly actually chanted by the women after having completed their mission. It simply underlined the obvious: strength and determination had been inherent to those women and had on that occasion been almost tangibly obvious.
Let us not forget that Women’s Day was subsequently proclaimed with the aim of commemorating that particular event in 1956. Suitably, it is a day to celebrate and re-inspire women to stand firm in a world where far too much has become shaky and shifty. Where terra firma has become a rare phenomenon.
Surely, there should be accountability in a society where the word and its meaning are often as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It has become all too easy to shrug helplessly at the rampant chaos and disarray that have infiltrated our homes and family structures – where marriages, relationships, natural hierarchies, intactness and above all enduring love and loyalty (to mention but a few) are under the severe and persistent threat of extinction.
Our homes are where the firm stance of a rock should be or become evident. Be assured: the rock image intends not to imply hardness or cold insensitivity. On the contrary, what comes to mind is rather solidity and immovability. Being rooted – in values and principles and beliefs and practices that will send surging currents of solidarity and uniting reassurance through the structures rather than indifference, helplessness and surrender to the seemingly inevitable: this will substantiate the ROCK quality. Take note, not a rocky one…
I have known women in my life who have been – and still are – lighthouse-bearing rocks of hope and heroism.
Let thus the flags of wondrous womanhood be unfurled in their proud and gentle splendour: so as to be seen and felt and heard and taken undeniable note of by all of mankind.
Whisper to be heard – of honour and respect; of steadfastness and unwavering pride in being the chosen bearers of offspring and light…


3 thoughts on “What’s with the ‘rock’ thing and Women’s Day?

  1. Internationally Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March except in this depressed land where it has been politicized and for the past 19 years held on 9 August. The glorification of women is totally unAfrican and merely “celebrated” in loco to solicit their vote.
    Bobby (Letitia Elise) van der Spuy (nee Hansen) was of ROCK quality ……… unlike rocky Dina Pule.

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