Mandela’s final Dilemma?

Can it be that Madiba might actually be holding on because he is simply too distressed to let go? Could inner peace be eluding him because the world he would be leaving behind, seems not to have become a better place after all…? Is his spirit weeping for the beloved country?

In recent times – even before falling seriously ill – his eyes had looked sad. He had appeared mostly tense, almost distant. If he had experienced and displayed happiness, it must have been in the most intimate seclusion of his closest family circle. The famous sparkle-in-the-eye smile that had conquered the world and had occurred so frequently after his long walk to freedom had seemed absent  during occasional public appearances or when cameras had been nearby.

He had been exceptionally quiet for a long time, not only due to his withdrawal from public life. His body language had not been only that of an old man who moves with difficulty and would rather be left in peace. Yes it had always spoken of pride and dignity; but in latter times also of  loneliness and – ironically, paradoxically – of abandonment.

I have no doubt that his wife and family had always and increasingly filled his life to the brim with a deep and gratifying joy that only the love of kinsfolk can bring. He is adored by millions. Why then would there be anything but contentment and peace in his 95 year old heart?

Could it be that he has been troubled and saddened, that he has had painful reservations about the apparent convictions, orientations and tendencies of the following he so tenaciously led to freedom and victory? Would he maybe have been disillusioned by the notion that his Dream for South Africa had faded and receded somewhat at the hands of too many egos, too many power-hungry individuals, too much greed? By the realization that after all there was just far too little regard and effort for the millions who were still waiting and hoping for a better life…

A man of deep integrity, he would undoubtedly remain loyal throughout. To the very end. But for the very same reason he would also not be blind to the creeping perils of corruption, carelessness, disregard, division, prejudice and indifference to the values that had driven and sustained him and that had laid the table for the long awaited process of making this country a better place. For all.

Was much of his life of sacrifice in vain after all?

How infinitely tragic that would be…


5 thoughts on “Mandela’s final Dilemma?

  1. So true .. and so sad. After all his sacrifices (so many personal) he must most certainly wonder “was it really worth it?”

  2. It could well be the reason for Madiba’s sadness…Perhaps there is also a lack of inner peace. For in spite of his unquestionable integrity, his lofty ideals and all the personal sacrifices made for his beloved country one wonders if Madiba has found Salvation? (only found in Jesus).

  3. I have great respect for the elderly and frail Madiba BUT the reality of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is somewhat different than the image the global media have created for him. He has been sold to the people of the world as a sort of cross between Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ. Tragic indeed ………. for the fellow whose verdict counts most in your life is the one staring back from the mirror.

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