Saluting a Woman of Substance and Magnitude

Baroness Margaret Thatcher:

You have departed from this earth. You leave behind a massive legacy.

You rose to the challenge – of being what you were required to be – as best you knew how. Perceptions may vary; but I would challenge any generation to deny and overlook the significance of your role in history. ‘Iron Lady’ is a general description you earned world-wide. Not for being hard and cold, or unfeeling and heartless. Nor rigid and self-righteous. But rather for standing your ground when you were required to. For performing the daunting task of heading up a country. For doing it in style; with flair; confidently but not arrogantly; maybe most of all – with dignity.

Never a hair out of place. Perfect accent. Impeccable self-control. Clothed subtly and suitably – never forgetting your matching handbag. You treated all with an air of reserve and respect; you also held others in regard – not only yourself.

You were an exemplary woman. A leader of stature. A truly great human being.

From the southern tip of Africa I bid you farewell.

Thank you for the clear and unmistakable footprints your court shoes left behind.

I salute you, Maggie Thatcher…


4 thoughts on “Saluting a Woman of Substance and Magnitude

  1. Poignant and heart-felt tribute, mamma. I once read a quote that said: “If everybody likes what you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong.” Think this must’ve been Maggie’s motto many-a time as she had to stand strong against critical onslaughts.

  2. A remarkable tribute from a word specialist. I enjoyed the movie “The Iron Lady” portrayed by Meryl Streep. I look forward to future Fynbosletters.

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